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Seattle Magazine

Seattle Magazine

"50 Bands Rocking Seattle Music Right Now" - Sept. 2014 Issue

Seattle Weekly

Seattle Weekly

"The Jesus Rehab, or more specifically brothers Jared and Dominic Cortese, have done something that all good bands do: By sounding like so many disparate sources, they end up sounding distinct." - Corbin Reiff

The Stranger

The Stranger

"The Jesus Rehab are a Seattle two-piece (brothers!) whose power melodies and driving pop are the perfect soundtrack to an all-night party..." - Emily Nokes

"At shows, people always move to the front to dance and shake their bodies, and by the last chorus of the song, the audience is singing along with hands in the air." - Dave O’Leary


MAY 2015

"These two brothers are one of the best two-person rock acts in the city, and in this town that compliment means a great deal. Vocalist/guitarist Jared Cortese lets his freak flag fly as a lyricist; exhibit A: the group’s song “Mind Readers,” which expounds upon the popular myth that governments across the Earth are secretly controlled by a society of lizard people."  - Joseph Sutton-Holcomb


OCT. 2014

"Their most recent LP, The Zoo At Night, is described by them as being about "mind-reading lizards, chubby 10-year-olds and what its like to grow up in a world where no one is as they seem" - a fanciful and emotional description that, along with the heavy guitars and crashing drums, reminds once again of the Flaming Lips of the early '90s. For a two-piece, the Cortese brothers do an admirable job of creating an enormous sound that bounces and skips when it's not slashing and burning. The nimbleness of their minimalist setup means that the Jesus Rehab are free to careen anyplace, anytime." - Adam McKinney

Live Eye TV

"Live Eye Tv has teamed up with the Seattle duo The Jesus Rehab to make a new music video for their anthemic track “Mind Readers“! The song finds brothers Jared and Dominic Cortese manhandling this pop gem into a gritty and raucous garage burner about schziophrenic prophets and paranormal Lizard Kings." - Iggypot

Pop 'Stache

"With songs from Drunken Hillbilly Fight Bar in its pocket, The Jesus Rehab will look at home playing in front of a packed crowd determined to dance, or alone in the dark corner of a whisky-dive bar with a busted PA. And in either situation, The Jesus Rehab will sing and stomp until there’s nothing left but two brothers having a good time as Seattle’s most exclusive club." - Taylor Brennan

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