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Meet The Band ...

Electric NoNo is a "Seattle two-piece (brothers!) whose power melodies and driving pop are the perfect soundtrack to an all-night party where you a) get drunk and pick a fight with your best friends, b) continue drinking, but apologize profusely, c) end the night hugging and/or screaming "I LOVE YOU" to everyone you know, then d) wake up wearing nothing but your old Weezer shirt.” (Emily Nokes, The Stranger) 

In 2017, the band looks forward to the release of their new EP "Rain City Blue" on March 10th @ The Sunset Tavern in Seattle. It was produced by Julia Massey and Don Farwell (Ponytime, Ever So Android) and was recorded at Earwig Studio. 


Review of "Rain City Blue"

This is the kind of music wizards listen to whilst creating universal mathematics on the red sands of moonlit deserts. Jaggedly invigorating and yet somehow as warm and snug as a sleeping bag nap beneath a comet shower. Physics, the frailty of life, a mix of the British folk-psyche and the organic freak rock-funk given perfect clarity and ambient charm by producer Julia Massey. Punk rocking on the 1:02 “Blue Planet,” winding through intimate galaxies in the gonzo blues of “Musician’s Dying Wish” and “Spin Spin,” or just straight up salt licking sweet shuffling pop “Jupiter” — all enchant and allure the listener into space travel and enjoying every trip to the moon rock store. Highly recommended. —Chris Estey 


Dominic Cortese - Vox, Percussion 
Jared Cortese - Lead Vox, Guitar, Piano


Artist we have shared the stage with:

The Hoot Hoots (SEA)

Big Theif (NY)

Yuck (UK)

Har Mar Superstar (MN)

Summer Cannibals (PDX)

Julia Massey and The Five Finger Discount (SEA)

Ayron Jones And The Way (SEA)

Tangerine (SEA)

Stereo Embers (SEA)

Modern Kin (PDX)

Kidoo and The Dude (ATX)

Hounds Of The Wild Hunt (SEA)

Polarizer (CHI)

The Great Um (SEA) 



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